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rawr_tiger's Journal

Harderwijk & London
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Welcome to rawr_tiger! The joint graphics journal for Iris (immodica) and Aydin (dontlickit). This journal is here for your personal enjoyment and as our creative outlet!

The Girls

About Aydin (written by Iris)

Aydin is a super talented girl from the Netherlands. I've known her for years now, and her artwork has only got better (and better and better), and sometimes I think I'll die of jealousy when I see her creations. She has this way of coming up with new styles or taking an existing style and improving it x987346. We talk a lot online and share our artwork. Usually resulting in constructive criticism and a lot of squeeing when the subject matter is hot (TOM JANE!!! MICHAEL VARTAN OMGSQUEE!!!11*dies*) She is awesome and funny, and you shall all bow down to the greatness that is Aydin =p

Quoting Aydin:

"you compliment me too much!" (she is modest)

"if I don't include a 'lol' the whole fun element of what I said just whithers and dies" (she is funny)

"I'd have to promote it until I fall down crying" (she is dedicated)

"I once memorized the entire shortcut combo for 'Save for Web'" (she is smart)

"fancy fonts don't fancy icons" (she knows about digital art)

"you ever get lost in your HD?" (and she's a tad crazy)

About Iris (written by Aydin)

Crazy, smart and funny were the first words I associated with Iris when I first met her and later on also envy because she moved to London where she is a student. Sometimes her wits literally throw me off my chair justifying the 'word' ROTFL and she really knows her stuff, when I need advice, she often drums up some of the best. I have great fun every time we talk, oft we're squee'ing over the loveliness that is, for a not so random example, Tom Jane, Keanu Reeves a lot of men.
Iris is creative (don't listen when she claims she's not), she knows what works/doesn't work and quite often she helps me decide if my stuff is any good. Iris is just all around unique and far out in every possible way I can think of and everybody should have an Iris poster!

Quoting Iris:

"Here you go =) I need to pee." (she is explicit.. at times)

"Lalala, how's that second icon coming? Or am I distracting you?" (she is supportive)

"Woop!" (she lives in a world of her own)

"One Tom!icon a day keeps the doctor away!" (she has insight)

"MORE KEANU CHEEKS!!!" (the girl knows what she wants)

The Rules

We don't want to tie you down to loads of un-fun rules, but some things need to be said.

-Everything is up for grabs for your own personal use, unless it specifically says it is not (eg when something was a request, and is for one person exclusively)

-Icons should be properly credited in userpic comments, resources (brushes, textures etc) and headers (and other kinds of graphics) should be properly credited in credit post/personal info/credits page, wallpapers are for personal desktop use ONLY

-No hotlinking whatsoever!!

-Comments are appreciated (but by no means obligatory), and if you nominate any icons(s) please let us know!!

-Don't archive our graphics without seeking our all-clear and stuff.



Interested? Just leave a comment to any recent post.